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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Honey is liquid gold.

Raw honey, diluted at the proper ratios, continually produces hydrogen peroxide as a natural antibacterial agent. Hydrogen peroxide is decomposed in vivo into oxygen and water. Drinking a regular shot of honey and water adds both oxygen and hydrogen peroxide to your digestive tract without the need for it to be carried there by the blood.

Combined with the dihalogenated acetates that come from red and brown seaweed (the original, most ancient and most powerful antioxidants), you’ve got the cheapest oxidative stress therapy ever.

The Jewish historian Josephus noted that the name of the poet and prophet Deborah meant “bee”. The same root dbr gives “word”, “indicating the bee’s mission to give the Divine Word, Truth”, observes Toussaint-Samat. [Toussaint-Samat 2009]

Beekeepers Have Low Incidence of Cancer



A discovery in the science of cancer has pointed the way towards naturally occurring compounds capable of treating cancers (as well as cellular oxidative stress in general) and a method for inducing a stronger systemic response through other naturally available options.

The non-toxic drug DCA, currently being tested in Canada, has been found to be present in seaweeds, along with a family of similar dihalogenated acetates. We’re trying to raise awareness of the facts below to push for this research to be completed.

University of Hawaii Research showing DCA and other dihalogentated acetates in dried Asparagopsis taxiformis: (see pg 151, 157, 194)

Cancer Resistant Niches – A Natural Mechanism for Treating Cancer in a Marine Environment

Ancient cultures have made extensive use of this compound in seaweeds as well.


To accurately verify this information for yourself, you’ll need access to a hyperbaric chamber, a hypoxic cancer cell line and a sample of dichloro-, dibromo-, diiodo-, or iodobromo- acetic acid or its salts. All of these are present in the essential oils of Asparagopsis taxiformis, also known as a limu kohu, an important part of the Hawaiian diet.

These items are fairly specialized, but one simple experiment could pave the way for a world where cancer has become a thing of the past.


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