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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Have to segue just to post some update information for those following the political aspect of this blog.

Here’s an letter I received from the RCMP last week advising me of the status of their investigation. I’ve redacted the names of the officers involved to protect their identities.

RCMP_Letter_November 6-2014

You can, however, feel free to call in an request updates yourself if you’d like. The file number is 2014-1030376.

RCMP Headquarters – 613-993-7267 

Been a over a week since I posted that last update, so I felt obliged to follow up on it.

Let me fill in a little background information on other things I work on for those who haven’t read down past the post regarding Canadian politics.

There’s a compound currently in use across the world called DCA. Dichloroacetate, usually as a sodium or potassium salt. It’s classified as completely synthetic, but it’s been shown for decades to have an effect on people and animals with mitochondrial disorders.

In 2007, researchers at the University of Alberta published research that showed it was shrinking tumors in lab animals. After researching the effect in vitro and in vivo, they theorized that the method of action was a catalytic effect on the mitochondria of each cell which was restoring basic functionality that is known to be lacking in all cancerous cells. Restoring this functionality allows pre-cancerous cells to return to normal and triggers apoptosis (natural cell death) in cancerous cells, shrinking tumors.

If it helps, you can think of the cell as a mini-computer in your body’s Internet. DNA is your cell’s hard drive where it stores all the information about how to build each of your cells and interact with neighboring cells. All the processing of this information goes on within the various organelles of the cell. This cellular fluid is the data bus that allows information to transit between these various sites and the cell wall is where it communicates with the cellular Internet. One of the most important organelles, the mitochondria, performs key processes that are essential to multicellular life. It controls efficient energy production through oxidative phosphorylation, as well as triggering important cellular processes like apoptosis. Think of this as sort of an Inner Engine that acts as malware protection for your cellular computer. It protects not only the cell, but the neighboring network of cells. When it malfunctions, the cell begins to lose its multicellular character, instead acting like the single celled or colony organisms that multicellular life evolved from. We call this malfunctioning state cancer.

The University of Alberta’s research was initially seen favorably as providing a foundation for a new non-toxic and non-invasive treatment for cancers that seemed to be broad spectrum. All cancerous cells steal their energy requirements from neighboring non-cancerous cells, producing their own energy through glycolysis, an energy production regime that produces energy through the fermentation of sugars. This energy production process takes place in the cellular fluid and is, evolutionarily speaking, one of the most ancient metabolic pathways. It’s common in single-celled organisms as it allows them to produce energy in the absence of oxygen. Multicellular life requires active mitochondria capable of using oxygen to produce energy more efficiently. When these newer metabolic pathways break down, we end up with cancer or other conditions as our cells strive for individual instead of multicellular survival.

What makes the mitochondria of a cell malfunction?

It can be any number of factors. Toxins, mutation due to radiation, genetic factors, or just general oxidative stress from diet and lifestyle. A single malfunctioning mitochondria doesn’t mean you’ll end up with cancer. Some cells, like those in your liver, have thousands of these organelles. Since the liver is responsible for dealing with toxins, the high number of mitochondria per cell make sense. It maximizes the cellular processing power available for removing toxins from the body. But if you pour enough toxins and stress into your body for long enough, even the thousands of mitochondria in your liver cells can go on strike.

This compound, DCA, seemed to have the potential to reactivate these important cellular functions. It alleviates oxidative stress by restoring mitochondrial function. This much had already been known for years, as that was its original use in both humans and animals prior to the cancer discovery in 2007. Several studies were funded by Health Canada and contributions from individuals, but no interest was ever found from the pharmaceutical industry. DCA is an off-patent compound. It was first synthesized and patented decades ago and that patent has long since expired. Because the compound is so simple, it’s difficult to make a signature version of the compound to produce a similar effect. Therefore, there’s been no commercial interest in funding research.

Since the initial publishing, new research has come to light that shed doubt on DCA’s ability to deal with broad spectrum cancers. The University of Guelph in Ontario released their findings in 2010 that DCA was ineffective against hypoxic tumors. When considering that the mitochondria requires the presence of oxygen to perform its energy generation, this makes sense according to the theory put forth by Alberta regarding DCA’s function. What Guelph found was that DCA was actually strengthen these hypoxic cells, making them more resistance to traditional forms of chemotherapy.

What doesn’t make sense is what followed. Instead of concluding that they should treat the hypoxia as a symptom that can be relieved, the conclusions out of Guelph were that DCA was simply unsuitable for use as a broad spectrum treatment.


This is where my thoughts entered the picture and my thinking went in a different direction.

In 2007, while the father of one of my friends was dying with cancer, I first learned of the DCA results published in Alberta. At the time, the research seemed exciting and innovative and really caught my interest. I knew the results were only preliminary, but the seemed to advance the knowledge of cancer in a bold new direction that looked to provide real answers. It gave me hope that the cure had been found.

One of the my first thoughts regarding this compound as I learned more was that it was incredibly simple. Structurally, it’s identical to the acetate ion (vinegar), but with two of the hydrogen atoms on the methyl-group replaced by chlorine. Why would a compound as simple as vinegar that has such a beneficial impact on cellular machinery not exist in nature?

Since the presence of heavier halogens like chlorine is foreign to fresh water lakes and streams, I wondered if it didn’t occur naturally in a marine environment instead. Sea water is full of heavy halogens and plants like seaweed concentrate it out of the sea water for their own uses. This is why seaweed is use as a source of iodine. In realizing that, I came to the conclusion early on that seaweeds might be an overlooked source of compounds like DCA, theorizing that iodine might replace the chlorine in the compound to produce a stronger analogue.

I wrote letters to researchers, posted in science-based forums, and emailed email listservs to try to find new information. The closest I found to the Iodine-based version of the compound was a bit of scientific research on tomato wound healing where they used sodium diiodoacetate to perform the electrophoretic seperation of RNA. The research paper mentioned a book from the 80s that described the method used, but that had been removed from subsequent editions of the book and I couldn’t find the original to learn more.

In 2011, after years of hobby research, I was directed to a chemical research site by a colleague. Through that site I found a link to research conducted by a researcher from New Zealand who’d been studying a popular edible Hawaiian red seaweed. The research had been published in the late 70s. The intent had been to determine what kinds of organic acids exist in the edible species. Sure enough, right there in the middle of the document was not only the chlorinated version, DCA, but the Iodine-based version I’d been looking for, and other compounds based on Bromine and a mix between Iodine, Bromine and Chlorine.

Just so we’re clear here, this research paper from the 70s proves that DCA is not a new synthetic compound as is currently put forth by the modern medical establishment. Evolutionarily speaking, red seaweeds are exceptionally old. They are among the first multicellular life to evolve on this planet.

Excited by this new finding, I fired up my email and forums and began trying to talk to people about the idea again. I was met with doubt and disbelief and one person who sent me the link to the Guelph hypoxia studies, which he believed proved that DCA was unsuitable for use. Because I’d been considering the source as occurring naturally in marine environments, I had a different perspective on the issue of hypoxia. Marine animals don’t have to worry about hypoxic tissue the same way us land animals do. They can live at depths in the ocean where the atmospheric pressure is so high that oxygen dissolves directly into fluids as opposed to being carried by the blood. This combination creates a niche where animals who consume large quantities of phytoplankton and krill, and also spend their days diving deep, would be receiving these potent anti-cancer benefits naturally. This would allow them to grow to a prodigious size and be able to fend off cancers with ease, relative to us poor land animals limited to a very narrow window of atmospheric pressure in our daily lives.

Hence blue whales.

To clarify everything so far, let me restate it:

  • Synthetic compound (DCA) turns out to have anti-cancer properties – 2007
  • My original hypothesis that DCA may occur naturally – 2007
  • Synthetic compound (DCA) is shown not to work on hypoxic tumors – 2010
  • Rediscovery that DCA is not synthetic but occurs naturally in Asparagopsis Taxiformis – 2011
  • Hypothesis that hyperbaric therapy eliminates the hypoxic symptoms  – 2012

Trying to put all this together, I made a video that tries to explain it as best I can in plainer language for a general audience. It received very little attention. There are a million people out there who claim to have found a treatment for cancer, I’d just become another crank with a theory in a very large pond.

Fast Forward to 2014

After publishing the information online in 2012 and sending it out to various research groups who promptly ignored it, I became a little discouraged about the whole problem. I’m not wealthy in the material sense, so I have no way of bringing these concepts forward myself. I’m currently trying to build another business to help finance my other research, but I’m having plenty of difficulty there, even though I’m working with a simpler concept that is easier to prove.

I did start eating seaweed on a regular basis after obtaining a regular supply of dulse from Real Raw Food in Vancouver so the idea was never far from my mind. I didn’t have access to a hyperbaric chamber or the money to go scuba diving on a regular basis though, so I was still searching for a way to obtain the full benefits. I hoped that more research would be completed that would verify my thoughts or that someone would stumble across mine and might trigger some inspiration that would lead them to the answers.

I built this blog, ParadigmSlip, as a means for cataloging some of the various research I’ve completed and for ease of sharing. I’d found it difficult to talk directly about these ideas because they’re so esoteric, so a blog seemed like the best way to keep my thoughts organized. I hadn’t done much work on the seaweed/hyperbaric cancer theory as I waited for more results of existing DCA therapy to be published.

During Spring of 2014, I was home watching the movie “The Fountain”, when I had an epiphany. The Fountain starts with a quote from the Bible:

Genesis 3:24 – So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way of the tree of life.

During one of the first scenes, the main character is accosted by someone with a literal flaming sword. The juxtaposition of the image of a flaming sword and that particular Biblical quote brought up an image in my mind from my research. Asparagopsis taxiformis, the same seaweed that I’d been researching for its health benefits, looks like a flaming sword that turns back and forth under water. The flaming sword wasn’t meant to be thought of as guarding the Tree of Life, but showing the way to the Tree of Life.

Red Seaweed even shows up at the base of the Tree of Life of modern evolutionary theory. It’s one of the first multicellular lifeforms to appear on the planet. It contains potent compounds shown to promote mitochondrial functioning that can’t form in fresh water sources naturally.

The idea that the mythological Tree of Life that appears in a variety of ancient cultures might have a common origin in red seaweeds instead of terrestrial plants set my mind on fire. I started digging through the mythologies of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Maya, and hordes of others looking for common links and finding many.

Another commonality that blew my mind was that all these ancient cultures who’d incorporated this red seaweed into their lifestyle to the point of venerating it were also monument building hydraulic cultures. Not only that, but with my understanding of the need for eliminating hypoxia, their monuments seemed to serve a purpose beyond being simple temples for religious worship or burial mounds.

They were hyperbaric chambers, powered by water.

There’s a lot more that I have to write on this subject, but I wanted to publish this much for today. Most of the next post will be in regards to the mythological and Biblical links.


Revelations 22: 1-3

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations3

What you’re about to read you may find shocking or just ridiculous. While I usually don’t follow Canadian global politics, this Spring I became interested following the Maidan riots in Ukraine. A Russian-Ukrainian-Jewish friend gave me a much different perspective than the Canadian or American media was presenting, and as the situation evolved there I set out to educate myself more on Canada’s involvement.

While the media portrayed the Maidan riots as a Ukrainian Spring against a Russian-led government, the truth of the situation is much more complicated. In the more industrialized Western Ukraine, the locals support closer ties with the EU. In the East, which is a more agricultural population, the locals are worried about the new agricultural regulations that will become part of their centralized economy should Ukraine join the EU. The imposition of strict regulations that will determine which crops and livestock they can grow and sell not just to other nations but within their own communities has created a fear that they’re witnessing a repeat of the Holomodor, a recognized Ukrainian genocide brought about by poor agricultural policy directives of the USSR. The Eastern Ukrainians see the EU encroachment as a opening the door to a new Holomodor, where Western Ukraine reaps the benefits of being the industrialized portion of the country. Meanwhile the Eastern Ukrainians are left to deal with the encroachment of corporate agriculture that will strip away land titles and eliminate their way of life. This has lead to them seeking support from Russia, who has traditionally been a large purchaser of Ukrainian agriculture.

Following the Maidan riots and the ousting of President Yanukovych on Feb 21st, 2014, the new government was propped up by the radical groups responsible for his removal. Some of these groups adhere to strict National Socialist ideologies. Large portions of the current government of Ukraine are the ideological descendants of the same Ukrainian National Socialists that were quick to side with Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Western Ukraine quickly built concentration camps following their absorption into Greater Germany. Eastern Ukraine, being the road through which Germany invaded Russia, saw more recruitment into the Red Army during the initial invasion and subsequent Russian counter-invasion. However, even up until the end of the war in 1945 there were still atrocities being committed against the Jewish population in the portions of Ukraine controlled by Nazi-Germany. Following the end of the war and the absorption of Ukraine into the USSR, the ultra-nationalist ideologies of National Socialism (Or Social Nationalism as they’ve re-coined it) continued to flourish in Ukraine during the Cold War. Despite Nazism being stamped out of Germany, it had already sown the seeds of its rebirth in Ukraine and we’re seeing that played out today on the global stage.

In the aftermath of the Maidan coup that removed President Yanukovych from power, the Far Right ultra-nationalist groups established a puppet government that was immediately recognized by Western countries who began funnelling funds to the new government. This government immediately adopted an anti-Russian posture, going so far as to outlaw the speaking of Russian in public spaces and government offices. This marginalized a large portion of the Eastern Ukrainian population, especially those in Crimea.

The second consequence of the Maidan coup was the Russian annexation of Crimea. This was largely derided by the West as an aggressive expansionist move. However, this situation requires an understanding of the context how unstable the situation had become. Crimea is home to Russia’s largest Naval base, with over 10,000 citizens stationed there prior to the overthrow of Yanukovych. Although Ukraine itself gave up its nuclear arsenal (3rd largest in the world at the time) when they gained their autonomy in the 90s, Russia would have still kept a nuclear arsenal for the Black Sea Fleet at various military bases on the Crimean peninsula such as Sevastopol. With the fall of Yanukovych and the rise of a new anti-Russian ultra-nationalist government, Russia did the only sane thing possible. They moved to protect their nuclear arsenal by annexing Crimea and expelling the Ukrainian military units under a new leadership that posed a threat to global nuclear security.

The response from the new Ukrainian government to this annexation was to declare Russia an aggressor and demand nuclear weapons from their new allies in the West. This story blew up in Western media very quickly and culminated when Russia took control of Sevastopol and expelled Ukrainian military on March 7th. This loss was met with the loudest call for Ukraine to re-arm itself with nuclear weapons, triggering talk of nuclear war in the media. This media event was then eclipsed the following day, March 8th, by the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The media would spend every day covering the disappearance for the next month and talk of nuclear war and the Crimea situation disappeared from the media.

As Russia solidified its hold on Crimea, the new pro-Western ultra-nationalist government would begin it’s civil war against the Eastern regions of Ukraine that were considering ceding from Ukraine to maintain closer ties with Russia.

During the next few months, Ukraine would elect their a new President to replace Yanukovych, with elections overseen by the Harper government. The end result was a victory for the pro-West, pro-EU billionaire Petro Poroshenko. Assuming office on June 7th, he initially promoted a peaceful solution to the rebellion in the Eastern regions, but his rhetoric eventually turned. He labelled the separatists terrorists and officially resumed hostilities on Canada Day, July 1st.

Concurrent to the situation in Ukraine, another problem was emerging in the Middle East:

In January of this year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Israel and spoke to the Israeli Knesset. While much of his speech was bland and political, portions of it were specifically tailored to produce a negative emotional response in those listening. He used a very sophisticate language of hate, honed through years of Canadian politics, to incite anger between the Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Israel and Palestine. He proclaimed that Israel was a Jewish state, marginalizing the Muslim and Christian population. He also advised abandoning the peace process in favor of military force to settle differences that have been brewing for decades.

The breakdown in the peace process initiated by Harper lead to increased hostilities between Israel and Palestine. This came to a head when 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped and executed by an unknown group. Hamas initially applauded the kidnapping, but came out against the murders, although Israel would use the media to accuse them of planning the entire kidnapping. In response to the murder of the 3 teens, a Palestinian youth was kidnapped, beaten, had gas forced down his throat and was then set on fire. The brutality of this Israeli response triggered an increase in hostilities that resulted in rocket attacks from Gaza. During these attacks, Canadian MPs visiting Israel were forced to take cover. Western media used the attacks to create the perception that Gazans were terrorists attacking Canadians instead of a response to increased hostilities and the violent revenge execution of a Palestinian youth.

Unlike previous years, where an exchange of rocket fire would have led to casualties on both sides, the technological development of the Iron Dome, Israel’s new missile defense shield, allowed Israel to weather the rocket attacks with little to no damage. Gaza has no similar defense shield so the Israeli response of dropping rockets on Gaza while incurring no damage amongst their own population only incensed the people of Gaza further. Israel had the technology to protect themselves and their territory from Gaza’s rudimentary rocket assault with no casualties. By returning fire, they ensured that anger and rage at the indiscriminate deaths of Palestinians would continue unabated, allowing them to commit military ground forces to a campaign bent on destroying Gaza.

On the 16th of July, 2014, as Israeli forces massed on border of Gaza to prepare for a ground invasion after days of rocket attacks, the Israeli Navy targeted 4 children playing soccer on the beach in full public view. Two rockets were fired, one landing near the children and scattering them. They ran, the second landed and killed them all. The response in Gaza raised the level of anger to its highest pitch. Israel initially claimed the shelling of a public beach was purely accidental, then offered a small humanitarian window. They would use this time to finish massing their forces along the Gaza border.

The same day this widely condemned attack occurred, the Conservative Party of Canada released a militaristic propaganda video titled ‘Through Fire and Water’ that made use of key trigger words and phrases from his speech in January, combined with headlines of current events regarding the conflict that reinforced his incitement. It reiterated that Israel was a Jewish nation, and that Palestinians in Gaza were not citizens of a nation, therefore not deserving of equal rights. He advised them that Canada would stand with them as they used military force to settle their differences. This use of quotes and incitement crossed the line from a normal balanced Canadian foreign policy into outright criminal genocidal hate propaganda.

Here’s where these two seemingly isolated stories of nationalist aggression coincide:

  • On the 17th of July, as Israel is poised to invade Gaza, MH17 is shot down over Eastern Ukraine, killing 1 Canadian.
  • Western Media and governments immediately accuse rebels and Russia of downing MH17
  • Ukraine quickly releases an audio clip onto social media, claiming to be the voices of rebels taking credit for the downing
  • With the media attention now on the situation in Ukraine, Israel initiates their ground offensive within minutes of the downing of MH17.


The common factors in these situations?

  • Malaysians are primarily Muslims, just like the Palestinians
  • MH17 and MH370 were both involved with directing media attention regarding Ukraine
  • The Harper Government was involved in legitimizing the Maidan coup, getting the current President of Ukraine elected, and overseeing their current Parliamentary elections
  • The Harper Government was responsible for the breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and stoked the fires of hatred using sophisticated language that went undetected to the average uninformed listener
  • The Harper Government immediately condemned Russia for the downing of MH17 and supported Israeli aggression
  • Media fervor regarding MH17 eclipsed the brutality of the Gaza-Israel conflict


After witnessing these events, I couldn’t sit by and do nothing. The entire situation reeks of collusion to mislead and defraud the Canadian public into supporting ultra-nationalist states and secularist religious interpretations. It flies in the face of everything I’ve been raised to think Canada stood for.

On the 21st of July, I filed charges against Stephen Harper and John Baird with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in Corner Brook for creation and dissemination of hate propaganda and incitement towards genocide under Canadian Criminal Code section 318 in relation to the video they’d released on the 16th of July titled “Through Fire and Water.”

Prior to filing the charges, I’d started a petition with the intention of collecting signatures of people who also considered the video to be hate propaganda and incitement towards genocide. The petition had over 2000 signatures from Canadians and citizens of other nations around the world before it was finally delivered to the only leader of a Federal party who didn’t make a genocidal or dehumanizing statement during the Israeli-Gaza war, MP Elizabeth May.

The charges were forwarded from the RNC to the RCMP and I received a response that I’ve been told came from the RCMP War Measures Department. The charges were dismissed without filing paperwork on August 1st. I filed a formal complaint with the Commission for Complaints Against the RCMP on August 5th pertaining to their failure to properly investigate and document the charges. The complaint was mailed out to myself and the RCMP on the 6th of August. The following week an indefinite gag order was issued by the Public Safety Minister for the RCMP Complaints Commission on the 12th, forbidding them from discussing sensitive case material that could impact national security with the general public.

After several months of waiting (and pestering), I met with the RCMP to discuss Formal Complaint on the 22nd of October. The complaint is under review and the initial stage should be complete by this coming week.

I’ve written this to ask for assistance in seeing a wrong identified and corrected. The Harper Government is dragging Canadians and the World through Hell and endangering our lives. They supported the overthrow and establishment of the new Ukrainian government who used the downing of MH17 as a pretext to increase hostilities against those in Eastern Ukraine, killing a Canadian citizen in the process. Their continued hostilities towards Russia, backed by NATO and the West, are pushing the world closer and closer to a new Cold War and new nuclear arms race. They are blatantly supporting violent regimes that are enacting genocidal policies against their neighbors.

Media events are being orchestrated in such a way to distract the public from their actions on the global stage. These are ‘Wag the Dog’ American political tactics at their worst. CBC is being used as a mouthpiece for a very dangerous foreign policy that will strip away the civil liberties of Canadians under the guise of ‘protection from terrorism’.

I realize that many of these issues are outside the awareness of most Canadians. Many receive their information only from CBC, which brings me to another piece of the puzzle. In the Fall of 2010, I started working for Alpha Technologies, a power supply company based out of BC. I was in charge of overseeing projects for their new Field Service division. The first project that I oversaw was the installation of new power systems to support a Rogers optic fiber line in CBC headquarters across the country. I wasn’t made aware of the purpose of the installations until the project was almost completed.

Under the guise of CBC budget cuts to reduce staffing requirements, these fiber lines were being installed to centralize the Master Control of each provincial CBC broadcasting headquarters with a central office in Ottawa. I didn’t think about it at the time, but this centralization took place immediately before the 2011 Elections. Its purpose seems to have been to limit the effectiveness of CBC’s investigative journalism, allowing the Harper government to steal the 2011 Election while minimizing the impact of the Robocall Scandal. I still have all the project documentation from these installations.

There’s also an issue regarding the Conservatives current use of subliminal imagery in their campaign ads to disturb the sensibilities of Canadians. At first, I found it hard to fathom that someone could be using such imagery blatantly, but it appears their intentions are to target mentally unstable Canadians. Their intent is to radicalize these individuals as a pretext for cracking down on dissent. This is a direct attack against the Rights and Freedoms of Canadian citizens.

In the case of the Ottawa shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, media reports mentioned that he’d spoken to friends about being pursued by the Devil. This was at the same time he was being investigated by the RCMP and CSIS under the direction of the Harper government, who had already confiscated his passport. The same Harper government that released the following photo I’ve modified to illustrated the subliminal elements present.



I hope that I haven’t lost you by this point. As I’d mentioned in the beginning, the situation seems either shocking or ridiculous, but as MP Elizabeth May so succinctly put it earlier this year, the PMO appears to be full of “Cutthroat psychopaths.”

As a native son of Newfoundland and Labrador, I don’t think we should be supporting the kind of government who assaults Canadians by imposing their own brand of twisted morality. They’re exposing us to a barrage of imagery meant to degrade and disturb and writing Laws meant to divide us that victimize or marginalize entire classes of society.

Something needs to be done to stop these depredations. If the RCMP have their hands tied and can only do so much to investigate at this time, we don’t have to continue to submit. We should be raising our voices to show that we won’t buckle under pressure from a Federal Government gone mad. Legislature can use the Notwithstanding Clause to impugn the Acts of Parliament being forced on us by our own version of the Christian Taliban. Newfoundland and Labrador can be the first to recognize these psychopaths creating global instability to further their own ultra-nationalist agenda.

Should we choose ignorance and continue to allow our homeland to be used to legitimize these crimes against humanity, we become complicit in those same crimes.