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When Day 2 of my time on the 4th Floor ward started out, I had been certified by a single signature of an ER doctor. It was supported by a five minute discussion with a psychiatrist who wanted to observe me for a month. I would later find out she has a hearing problem.

I made my first mistake while looking for breakfast. Not realizing the individualized menu system in place, I thought all meals were the same as the trays were laid out haphazardly on the tables. I didn’t spot the name of a fellow inmate until after I’d eaten most of the meal. I ended up swapping the name tag for my meal with his, but it was still strange that there wasn’t even a discussion about the meals or menus. I had to learn about the process from Red Sonya.

Red Sonya is a prime example of how underfunded the mental health care system is in Newfoundland and Labrador. She suffers from bouts of confusion due to difficulty in regulating her insulin, but due to a lack of funding for specialized needs she gets thrown into the 4th floor ward with possible violent offenders.

After breakfast I made a point of inquiring with the nurses which doctor I would be seeing for my follow up assessment. When I was told I would be seeing Dr. Talpur, the same slightly deaf tiny hindu woman so frightened by RNC presence she wanted to keep me under observation for a month, I was a little surprised. I’d spoken to her last night, why would she now be offering the second opinion? This was fishy. The first signing doctor, Thistle, could technically say he’d seen me. We’d been in the room together. He shook my hand and we chatted for a brief moment. He was also in the room in the presence of police who could witness that he’d seen me. However, I felt that his signature on that original assessment was supported by Dr. Talpur’s 5 minute assessment, so this really wasn’t a fair baseline as her impartiality had already been affected. She’d already been in the presence of armed men who’d brought in a man with a long beard and a stack of legal documents. The RNC were presenting her with a copy of my tweet, blown up to fill a full sheet of paper. I shit you not. That’s how they do it. One tweet fills a single page. Poor Mr. Dunphy. Such small words on a cell phone, blown up and magnified to such a huge size. I can only imagine how confusing that must have been.

I think the comparison to the Ottawa Shooter was influenced mostly by the police presence and the beard. I wasn’t raving or incoherent. I peacefully submitted to the entire process. If I had been clean shaven, she wouldn’t have given that extreme of a comparison much of a second thought. I had a stack of legal documents that explained my reason for being there. It provided context. But when presented with slice of my twitter history, my beard, and my arabic last name, she decided I was planning on blowing something up. Instead, I’m just an outspoken activist engaging in legal action against a government that has committed crimes against humanity. I’m also into the idea of building cheap advanced organic farms to feed people. Nothing in that plan should scare anyone except those who hate freedom and independence.

Just for clarity, I never recanted any of the words I uttered on Twitter during my time at WMRH. I still think Premier Davis is an abject coward who is threatening the economic stability of the province with his lack of foresight and inability to deal with the complexities of a changing world. His vision for Newfoundland became evident when he released his pro-police state RNC recruitment video last fall. He’s militaristic and Newfoundland should have no place in it for his brand of intimidation. It threatens families, which form the beating heart of this island. Richard Squires did it less than 100 years ago and it seems that Premier Davis is poised to make the same mistake.

For further clarity, and to assure my point on context is understood, I believe that the Confederation of Canada must be brought down to strip power from the federal government. Through their actions they’ve incited genocide abroad and are responsible for crimes against humanity. They should be arrested, face trial and if found guilty, be executed for their crimes. It is not a threat. It is an insult aimed at Premier Davis combined with a demand for a free and democratic society that embraces true justice. It was misinterpreted in the same manner as Mr. Dunphy’s tweet, out of its organic context.

However, this tweet was different from the one that the RCMP arrested and released me for with an order to appear before a judge. That one was an idle threat I’ll discuss later. Different tweet, different context, different aspect of free speech. I am scheduled to appear before a judge of a lower court in June to discuss the matter. I have no interest in securing legal aide on the matter as I’m comfortable preparing my own case and have an established lawful intention that goes back most of a year in a well documented process.

To get back to Premier Davis’ gutless cowardice, he has our province drowning in so much oil he’s stealing from our future to keep this leaky oil tanker afloat. We can’t bail the political class out anymore. They’re leeches who just want political power and authority. They’ve got no real ideas on how to right their ship because politicians never do. They’re just stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Literally. Let their ship sink.

Newfoundland and Labrador has a bright future, but all in resources that are currently under utilized because educated people are being completely ignored by these Conservative governments. Only 20 percent of the known arable land on the Island is currently producing food. Why are we paying so much to import tiny produce when we could supply all of our own cheaper and provide worthwhile jobs to locals?

Did you know there was a experimental greenhouse in Gander that provided fresh vegetables for 500 US soldiers year round? All the fresh produce they needed was provided by this one greenhouse. Imagine 1000 of these providing all the fresh produce for every family on the island. All organic. Never a worry about ferry service being unable to deliver or poor quality produce. Build them underground, use geothermal heating and tie them into Muskrat Falls to provide power for LED grow lights and Newfoundland and Labrador will never have to import fresh produce again. Ever. Might take ten years to build them all, but why wait? We could break ground on the first of them this summer if this government didn’t have its head jammed so far up its own oil-filled arsehole.

Other resources that are going underutilized are our shellfish wastes. Did you know that crab, lobster and shrimp are rich sources of chitin? Chitin is the amazingly versatile organic compound that will underpin the future for a number of fields. It is also the foundation of my research with insects. Want to know an excellent source of renewable and perfectly biodegradable bioplastic to replace polluting oil-based plastics? Chitin. Want to know how to keep produce from spoiling longer organically? Chitin. Want advanced bandages that speed wound healing? Chitin. Want to use less pesticides to control insects or fungus on crops? Chitin. Bigger flowers with brighter blooms? Chitin. Forget graphene, graphane and carbon nanotubes, one of the most important molecules for the future of our planet is chitin and its derivatives. Newfoundland currently just throws the majority of it away.

The other groups of molecules that Newfoundland has in a unique abundance are dihalogenated acetates based on chlorine, bromine and iodine. These are present in seaweeds. The results of the research I’ve been engaged in since 2007 show that they are an unrecognized vitamin for promoting proper mitochondrial function. I have a hypothesis that these compounds played a key role in the early evolution of multicellular life. They already have a 30+ year history of use in treating metabolic disorders. They were also shown to have a broad spectrum effect on triggering apoptosis in cancerous cells (2007), provided normoxic conditions are present (2010). Their unique, simple and compact shape puts them among the strongest organic molecules capable of reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress builds up over time and results in cellular exhaustion through mitochondrial dysfunction. Health Canada continues to claim these compounds are synthetic, despite research from the 60s and 70s and broad rediscovery in marine sources today. Check chemspider. There is plenty of corroboration there.

Between the electrical ties to Labrador, the shellfish, seaweed and farming resources, rural Newfoundland would have a bright, independent future on lock down.

However, the greedy, shortsighted mental midgets running the province from the Avalon think with their guns instead of the brains God gave them. They only want to lay claim to rural Newfoundland to deny others rightful access. They’ll change the Crown Lands Act to reclaim land that they want to exploit, pushing off families who’ve had the land in their families for generations. The Avalon will do to rural Newfoundland what Israel is doing to Palestine, steal the land out from under the families trying to live peacefully. Look at how they’re continuing to cut public services. Look at the cuts to education. Look at the gerrymandering under the guise of budget cuts for MHA representation. If they really wanted to uphold democracy, they’d slash their own salaries in half. Less representation diminishes democracy. Small powerful governments supported by a militaristic police have a tendency to become dictatorships. Ask Richard Squires.

So, as my final statement on the tweet that got me detain, I think that Premier Paul Davis is a useless simpleton that is steering Newfoundland towards economic disaster. He wasn’t even a real cop with the RNC, he was a desk jockey. Head spin doctor for media relations. He’s ignorant of the larger issues at play in the world and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador will suffer further due to his shortsighted stupidity.

To get back to my own issue on the 4th floor, when I found out Dr. Talpur would be conducting both the first and second assessments, I requested a second opinion.

At first, the nurses were a little reticent to discuss the matter, but when I explained my situation to them…

I’ll finish off the Day 2 in the next installment.



  1. I find your descriptions amusing but sadly true

    1) if this government didn’t have its head jammed so far up its own oil-filled arsehole

    2) the greedy, shortsighted mental midgets running the province from the Avalon think with their guns instead of the brains God gave them.

  2. I tried to post a long comment but your comment window is screwed up. I will send you an email instead.

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