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Monthly Archives: June 2016

[This post is a work in progress]

As a counterpoint to the Far Right and Fundamentalist Judeo-Christian viewpoints regarding support for the state of Israel being mandated by God, I’m compiling a list of the relevant prophecies that dispute this viewpoint directly.

Anyone who’s bothered to actually read the three holy books of the Abrahamic faiths might realize that God explicitly rejects the people of Israel’s sinful and genocidal actions historically, leading to the destruction of Israel and eventually the Diaspora. Other prophetic writings describe a future time when Israel is reborn, destined to become corrupted once again, and the gentile nation who’s leader would assist in the corruption.

In the Torah, the New Testament and the Quran, each carry a warning regarding a nation that would arise in the End Times, prior to the establishment of God’s Kingdom, as a fulfillment of prophecy.

Specific references to the identity of this nation and it’s doomed leader can be found in the book of Daniel, Revelations, and the Quran, as well as other sources.

For a synopsis of Daniel’s dreams and their connection to Revelations, read this:

To list off some of accepted requirements of this End Times Kingdom, we have:

  • A confederacy of 10 nations that are kingdoms because they have crowns, but only obtain the power of Kings for a time with the Beast (Antichrist)
  • The 10 nation confederacy will have the characteristics of Rome
  • The ten crowns are subdued by a single crown that magnifies itself and also subdues three kings.

Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy that has ten provinces and therefore 10 provincial crowns. The Premiers of each province are not Kings, but they obtained the power of Kings over Canadians in their respective province with the passage of C51. The ability to detain without charge or crime, a right originally denied Kings by the Magna Carta in the year 1215.

Rome had provinces. Large areas under the governorship of a single capital city. Canada, also having provinces, uses this same Roman convention.

The ten provincial crowns exist under the auspices of the federal crown which writes all the major legislation that the provinces operate under. During the 2011 election, the ruling Conservative Party defeated the other three party leaders (the ‘Kings’ of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois) to obtain a majority government and full legislative control.

Aside from the obvious major characteristics elucidated by Daniel, there are a number of other facts concerning Canada that should illustrate it’s true nature.

For one, Canada was founded on the genocide of the aboriginal people. The acknowledgment that Canada committed genocide and continued to commit so-called “cultural genocide” for generations is a permanent stain on Canada’s history.

In modern times, Canada has become a petroleum state. Through the direction of the Federal government, Canada has fallen from a pristine nation that values the preservation of the environment for future generations, to a nation that decimates tracts of forest in pursuit of oil revenues.

Beyond the local history of cultural genocide and disrespect for the environment, Canada continues to offer support for nations that suppress the human rights of their neighboring states. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are guilty of extensive human rights violations, but Canada chooses to turn a blind eye to those atrocities.

By allowing the Federal government, led by the Conservative Party of Canada, unchecked authority to act on the national and international stage, Canada has been led by a party of hypocrites and antichrists. Those who live by the inverse of the Golden Rule: “Do onto others before they can do onto you.” or “Hate thy neighbor.”

Islam gives mention to the end time group who come to deceive believers. In verse 2 of the Quran (The Cow), a description is offered of a group who come calling themselves Reformers who will cause corruption on the Earth. This can easily be seen through the actions of the Reform Party, who later joined with Progressive Conservatives to create the Conservative Party of Canada. Their actions while in power effectively corrupted the peaceful order of the world, decimating the environment and political systems of other nations alike. They are the corrupters of the Earth who call themselves Reformers.

Their leader, Stephen Harper, is the man who would go onto fill in the rest of Daniel’s prophecy, as well as those of Revelations and the Quran.

Identified as the Antichrist, the leader who deceives the world and leads everyone into tribulation, he is identified by several known characteristics.

He defeats three kings to obtain majority power, allowing him to legislate unopposed. This occurred during the 2011 Canadian Federal election. This election was also fraught with controversy over election fraud by the Conservatives.

He is different that the rest. No one will debate that Stephen Harper was different than any previous Prime Minister. He pretended to use religion as his moral compass as an evangelical politician, but was in fact the purest hypocrite. His values represent the worst of Canadian bigotry.

He will understand dark sentences. In this, the dark sentences refer to sophisticated hate speech. Words used in such a way as to inspire hatred in one’s fellow man. Words coded with such weight and meaning as to make men want to murder the children of their enemies before they grow to become threats. Words that would make Hitler himself jealous for the ability to engage in such devious doublespeak.

He stands in the Temple in Israel, establishes the Abomination of Desolation and declares himself God.

In January of 2014, Stephen Harper went to Israel, spoke in the Knesset to inspire hatred of the Palestinians, and used paraphrasing of scripture to declare himself God.

While the Knesset is not considered by any to be a place of worship, it is a place where law for the Jewish state of Israel is crafted. In that manner, as the law is constructed primarily for the benefit of the Jewish population, in a sense it is very much a Temple.

The establishment of the Abomination of Desolation was the incitement of Israeli politicians, during his speech, to abandon the peace process with the Palestinians and use force to solve religious and political differences. The end result was the massacre of the women and children of Gaza. By refusing to condemn these actions internationally, they have become a new standard that government’s can use to suppress dissent, as well as inspiring the rapid growth of terrorist groups like ISIS. This has lead to expansion over state rights over citizens in a manner resembling the rights of Kings of old.

Finally, the Antichrist is supposed to also declare himself God while in the Knesset. Harper did this by paraphrasing Isaiah 43:2. In this verse God himself is advising the people of Israel that though the flames surround them or the river wash over, he will be there to protect Israel as God. In his paraphrasing, Harper substituted the nation of Canada in place of God, with himself as the moral leader of Canada. By the logic of the scripture used, he’s effectively declared himself and Canada to be the God of Israel.

In the end, the Antichrist is also said to be defeated not by human hand. No one would touch him or do violence upon him to end his reign. Instead, he was voted out of power in the Fall of 2015.

While one might be tempted to disregard this entire interpretation, the consequences of ignoring such a warning could prove severe. The arrival of the Antichrist precedes the major portion of the time of troubles, when the world is so disrupted and divided by strife that we are unable to completely unite in the face of a coming global catastrophe that begins with a foretold Great Earthquake that shakes the entire Earth.