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I received a final letter of disposition today from the RCMP regarding the genocide charges.

Despite being a criminal offense, as well as illegal under the International Covenant on Civilian and Political Rights and the Rome Statute, the RCMP consider inciting genocide and war to be acceptable for the Prime Minister to do.

The only route for follow up on the investigation now goes through a new commission that has an indefinite gag order that eliminates a possibility of public inquiry.

I expected this result, hence why I filed my Charter Challenge.

The rule of law has been overthrown in Canada.

This situation must be rectified.

A copy of the letter has been delivered to the local paper, The Western Star.

Also, I’m getting some strange comments from a fanatic in the cult of authority calling himself ‘The System.’ I hope you realize that even if you fake your email address, your IP address is still visible every time you post.


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